wellwet_italo brutalo

We were delighted to invite on third edition of WELL WET Day & Night party one of our most popular german producers - Italo Brutalo. Vincent Fries aka Italo Brutalo (Bungalo Disco) is not typical dealer of hardware-squeezed juice, he is a vintage synth fetishist, tapping in the endless potentialities of his analogue army of retro machinery. He has built a sound ID that defies conventions and takes pride in trespassing all the frontiers and limitations associated to the etiolated map of dance music styles. Italo Brutalo writes a story of genre-busting, all-embracing love for the primordial groove. With over 25 years of fiddling, tweaking, bastardising bars of automated fire so people can have a blast on the dance floor, Italo Brutalo has gained a potent reputation amongst jockeys and producers and he recently making it to the cover of Das Synthesizer Magazine.

Before the party, we invitated Vincent and Tania for a dinner to our favourite restaurant Kantina and we shared the experiences about music scene mainly in Prague and Germany, how the situation has changed after COVID restrictions, his culture, city etd. We ordered czech meal - roasted pork pieces, roasted beef pieces and baked potatoes and very delicious.....Both stayed with us until end of the party. We got present from Vincent his new album Heartware, released the same day when we had this party. It was magic moment. Great atmo night! Thanks a lot!

12 august 2022
@ Bike Jesus