Synthzone Night is regular Retrowave event and it was great pleasure to present you the first foreign guest, the German Synthwave matador VECTOR SEVEN from Nürnberg on the occasion of the first anniversary of Synthzone Night! The founder of this event is my friend Jan aka Marvel83, a producer with passion for synth sounds.

Before the party, I was invitated for dinner with main guest, his girlfriend and Marvel83. We were sharing the experiences about music scene in Prague and Nürnberg, which are similar, mainly techno and house music are popular. It's shame, because minority music style like Synthwave / Synthpop / Darkwave and from my perspective I could say also Disco music are neglected and this music culture has been missing here.

That night we all cultivated vibes beyond flashing lights and delivered emotive sets full of melody, groove, electric piano, synthesizers and cosmic beats.

Line up:

Marvel83 / Mad Maverick / Vector Seven / De Mode

17 July 2020
@ Music Club Jilska