Bogotrax festival belongs to my TOP festivals, that took place on different locations around the city from 13th to 23rd of February 2020. It was the experiment, in which managers and the public, actors and spectators participate jointly in the production of a social space, a temporary laboratory that works directly on the social-imaginary. It tends intimately to become an invisible territory, a mycelium capable of connecting forests and cities, jungles and sidewalks, collectives and individuals, through art and music, science and the social appropriation of technology; activism, hactivism, ecology and ancestral knowledge. BTW I have never seen before such a fabulous art and graffity like there in Colombia.

On 20th of February I was playing at VIDEO CLUB, that has 2 floors and each of DJ's was playing different music style. Full of energy, crowded, sweating! Close to your home, away from chaos, a place that guides and advises you in your life!

On 22nd of February there was the closing night called VIVA LA RAVE of Bogotrax festival, that took place one hour far from Bogota in the middle of nature. There were 3 stages and I was playing on Dub Stage. I brought my favourite nu disco and electro house and I played tracks for instance from Damon Jee, Enduro Disco, Craig Bratley, Discodromo. Smiling faces and nice energy everywhere around you!

I have so nice memories! Thank you all organizators and audience!

20 and 22 February 2020
@ Bogotrax Mycelium